Silly Facts about Bathrooms Which Will Help You Realize How Much Time We Spend There

By on February 3, 2014

Hello, and welcome to the home upgrade blog page of RBP Painting & Maintenance! Here we will post different articles to help you perform an outstanding bathroom remodeling without investing a lot of effort and money. Before we get to the serious business, however, we would like to say a few funny things about restrooms bathrooms, and the extraordinary activities people practice there. We hope that you will like our fun beginning! Here are some shocking facts you may be interested to read about:

bugs-eye-view a bathroom

A massive percent of people use their mobile phone while in the bathroom, including texting, phoning, surfing the web, and shopping. This has taken over reading as the most popular activity to do in the restroom.
Almost 90% of all bathroom personal injury accidents occurs when people slip and fall in bathrooms which have not been properly secured or maintained. Bathroom remodeling can reduce the risk of accidents by 15%. If you want to learn more on the topic, then just read some articles related to PI reports.

If you do not want to suffer an accident or would love to spend your time in a more comfortable and cozy bathroom, doing all those reading activities you are now, we recommend you to call our office in Tallahassee, FL at (850) 567-3754 and speak to one of our remodeling experts about your upgrade ideas.

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